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Seputra Adiaji Nugroho's Completed Project

Seputra Adiaji Nugroho, a company that has been established since 1993, based on the deed of establishment number 3 dated November 8, 1993 before the notary Mumuh Muhsin Wiramihardja, SH, notary in Pekalongan City and the last amendment deed number 44 dated January 28, 2015 before notary Muhammad Sauki, SH, notary in Kota Pekalongan. Seputra Adiaji Nugroho is engaged in construction services and procurement of goods, since 1993, we always prioritize the quality of the construction of the projects we get, both government and private projects. Since the establishment of this company, we have successfully completed more than 50 projects. We are always adding capabilities on all fronts, from company management, human resources, work methods, and of course by prioritizing Health, Safety and the Environment. Some of the projects we are working on are roads, bridges, buildings, water channels, drainage, mooring and anchoring, and procurement of office and educational equipment. Apart from being a construction company, we also do several other businesses, namely supplier of building materials and retail. At the end of 2020, we will expand our business line in the batching plant, located in Batang Regency, Central Java.

Several projects that have been completed by Seputra Adiaji Nurgoho from 2008 to 2015 are as follows:


Kurinci And Slamet Road Maintenance

Maintenance of Jl Kh Ahmad Dahlan

Construction of Special Houses for Fishermen

Normalization of the Pekalongan River


Construction of the Sidomukti Channel to the Sepucung River

Construction of Stage Ii Education Building Campus B

Construction of Tambak Channels

Procurement of Water Gate Construction

Construction of the Soko Irrigation Channel Wall


Procurement of Document Reproduction Equipment

Construction of 3 Floor Postgraduate Building Phase Ii

Making the Banyurip Ageng Irrigation Channel Wall

Tpi Pier Floor Elevation

Westside Talud Rehabilitation

Other Educational Building Construction

Filling of Land


Making Parapet Kel Krapyak Lor and Kidul

Coastal Protection Development (Revetment)

Procurement of Pond Channel Construction


Discipline of the Scholar Man

Urugan of Land for Customs Unit

Sheeting / Talud / Gabion Development

Preparation of Customs Exo Parapet

Construction of the Blk Building

West Side Road Repair Phase 1 Pltu Batang Jateng

Road Repair Phase Ii


Degayu Revetment Development

Poncol Dekoro Bridge Construction

Construction of Office Buildings And Warehouses Blk

Bandengan Revetment Development

Construction of the Blk Building

Pltu Road Repair Phase Iii

Road Repair Phase Iv

Tambak Rehabilitation


Kertoharjo Kuripan Kidul Bridge Construction (Continued)

Pekalongan 4 Public Smk Building

Normalization of the Pekalongan City River

Improvement of Jalan Samudra, Kec. North Pekalongan

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